Disability policy

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When coming as a disabled person, we will do what we can for you to have a wonderful day with the challenges you may have.

Guests with disabilities pay entrance fees on an equal footing with BonBon-Land's other guests, and a ticket for the disabled costs the same as the normal admission price or via www.bonbonland.dk. Guests with disabilities, showing a valid companion card from DSB, a Children Companion Card or a membership card from the Danish Association of the Blind can bring a companion for free. Companions must in all cases be over the age of 18.

It is not possible to make use of tickets from locations other than those purchased in BonBon-Land or via www.bonbonland.dk while bringing a companion free.

DSB's companion cards as well as Children Companion Card is administered by the Danish Disability Organisation's User Service.

Disability policy

"Show Consideration" sign can be collected at the Service Centre. One "Show Consideration" will be provided to the disabled and to one companion over 18, respectively. The person with the "Show Consideration" sign must always be accompanied by an attendant with "Companion" sign on the rides, who must be ready to assist in case of an evacuation. Guests must by themselves of by the assistance of their companion be able to get on and off the rides without any issue and use the escape routes on an equal footing with other guests.

The "Show Consideration" sign makes BonBon-Land's staff and the park's other guests aware of the fact that they need to show consideration and be more attentive. If the disabled person should go on the arides alone, the "Show Consideration" sign must NOT be used.

The signs allow the disabled and the companion to enter the following rides through the exit

  • Søløven
  • Hundeprut Rutsjebanen
  • Vandrotten
  • Den skøre Skildpadde
  • Dragen
  • Insekterne
  • Klaptorsken og
  • Hankatten
  • Bæverrafting

If you wish, you can go on an extra ride without having to get off first. Remember to inform the staff before the first ride.

At the park's other rides, the common entrance must be used. Please note that restrictions on the signs at the attractions must be observed.

Guests with a disability which means that the security system cannot be used as intended, are not allowed on the rides. 

Wheelchair users

With regard to Beaver-Rafting and The Wild Board we must unfortunately insist that it is not possible for wheelchair users to try these rides. The reason is that for security reasons it is strictly necessary to be self-salvaging (i.e. be able to climb out, climb down and the like) from these two rides.

Disabled facilities

Parking spaced for disabled are for a fee on an equal footing with other guests (Disabled Parking card or Invalid decal on the windshield is required).

There are disabled toilets in several places in the park.

Wheelchairs can be rented at the information desk in the park.

There are no lifts at the rides

Disabled persons and season passes

Disabled season ticket holders may bring a companion for free if the disabled person has a companion card from DSB, a Children Companion Card or a membership card from the Danish Association of the Blind.

We look forward to seeing you in BonBon-Land for a biiiiping fun day!

Niels Feerup
Managing Director, BonBon-Land A/S