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Why is it cheaper online?

In terms of administration, it is easier to handle online purchases, therefore we can offer the tickets cheaper here. It is also a great help for us to know in advance how many guests are coming to the park.

How do I get my tickets?

Your tickets will be sent by post. Once the purchase has gone through, you will receive your tickets by post, so that you can print them and bring them with you.

What if I don’t have a printer?

Simply inform the ticket desk when you arrive at the entrance, provide the e-mail or phone number you used when buying the tickets, then we can find your ticket in the system. You can also give us the order number, if you have it.

What do I do if I didn’t get an e-mail with tickets, even if I am certain the purchase went through?

When you arrive at the entrance, simply provide the e-mail used during the purchase, and we will find your e-mail in the system.

What happens if I buy a season pass online?

Your season pass will not be sent by mail, but supplied at our entrance.
The easiest for you would be to print your confirmation letter and bring it with you when you contact the entrance the first time you arrive. Then you will be given your season pass, which will be activated in your name. If you haven’t received a confirmation by e-mail or have the option to bring a printed one, simply provide the e-mail used at the time of purchase or your order number to the employee at the entrance. Then we can find you purchase in our system.

I wrote my own name at the time of purchase, but the tickets/season passes are not addressed to me?

That’s fine. Only once you get your season passes at the entrance here in BonBon-Land, it will be personalized with your name, details and photo.

How do I buy tickets online – where do I find them? 

When you go to the home page of our website, on the left you will see a large green 'notice', with white text. In this ‘notice’ you will find a button with the txt: “Click here and buy now”. Click on this button. Now you will be taken to a second page, where you can click on "Show all offers", "Show all tickets" and so forth. Here you can find the desired products, select and buy them. 

Can you reopen a season pass from last year?

Yes, but the price remains the same as on the day you buy. If you want a Pink Plus you need a completely new card. 

Can I use my giftcard online

No unfortunately not. Giftcards can be used at the entrance and in the shops in BonBon-Land. 

Can I change my Blue Basis season pass to a Pink Plus?

Yes you can, but you have to pay the difference (which always will be DKK 50). You can do it at the entrance or in our Service center. 

Why is my name on all the season passes, I got online?

The names will be corrected at the entrance to BonBon-Land.

What should I write in "Information for payment cardholder"?

Here you should enter the payer’s date of birth.

Can you hire pushcarts, wheel chairs and luggage boxes in BonBon-Land?

Yes, please contact our customer services.
The pushcart costs DKK 50 to hire + DKK 50 deposit, which is of course returned to you when you drop off the cart again. A luggage box costs DKK 50 + DKK 50 deposit to hire for a day. You can borrow a wheel chair. It cost DKK 100 in deposit.

Can I bring a BBQ to BonBon-Land?

No, due to the risk of fire it is not permitted to light fires or use a BBQ in the theme park. 

Can I bring my dog to BonBon-Land?

Yes you can, but they must be on a lead and under constant supervision by an adult.
We also expect you to carry waste bags in your pocket as you walk around the park.
We provide a water tap and bowls, so that your dog doesn't get thirsty on hot days. 

I have bought Internet tickets, but have not been sent 2-day tickets. What do I do?

You will only receive 2-day tickets when you arrive at the theme park and contact the entrance. It is your responsibility to remember to get the 2-day tickets stamped in our service centre before you leave BonBon-Land, if you want to return the following day.

Will I also get 2-day tickets when I buy tickets with a discount?

All types of tickets get free 2-day tickets, which can be used the following day. 2. You will only receive 2-day tickets when you arrive at the theme park and contact the entrance. And again: Remember to stamp and complete the 2-day tickets before you leave the park - otherwise they won't be valid!


Through our partners, we offer special promotions where our joint customers can get discount coupons for tickets to BonBon-Land. We always calculate the price of these coupons based on our entrance fee at the current price - and then deduct the discount from the entrance fee. There is no discount on already discounted prices such as internet tickets and senior tickets.

When do I start paying for my child?

Children under 90 cm go free, while children above 90 cm must pay an entrance fee. We can measure children at the entrance.
The price for a child over 90 cm and an adult is the same.

I have a question about my hotel accommodation, which was bought via BonBon-Rejser – where do I go?

Contact us via e-mail. Please write to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
You can also contact us by telephone during office hours between 09.00-15.00. Call us on +45 55 53 07 00..

What do we do if it starts raining?

We do not love the rain in BonBon-Land. That is no secret. And we generally order good weather every morning. For the most part we are pretty good friends with the weather gods, but sometimes they just need to show us that they are the ones calling the shots. And depending on their mood they either send us a small squall or a proper flushing. Therefore, we encourage you to always check the weather forecast before you leave home!
However, if it rains while you are in BonBon-Land, we will do what we can to make sure that you can get under cover and still have fun. Among other things, Måne Land and Bon-Bio will always be open as will our cafes and restaurants, if the weather is causing serious issues. When the weather gods do their worst, we may also have to close some of our rides, while they are raging out. This is done solely for security reasons.

Is smoking allowed in BonBon-Land?

You are allowed to smoke in BonBon-Land, but this must of course be done in consideration of our other guests. We have therefore erected some open smoking pavilions around the park where we prefer that you smoke. It is not allowed to smoke in the queue fences, the rides, shops or indoor in general. This applies to cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

What does parking cost?

It costs DKK 40 to park in BonBon-Land. However, if you have bought a season pass, parking is free.