We pay the bridge fee

We want to make it even cheaper for all of our guests coming from the western part of Denmark and therefore we have made a particularly good deal. We adapt the admission price when you get to BonBon-Land, so you (with purchase of at least 4 admission tickets) can enjoy a day BonBon-Land with your family for a total of DKK 800.

How to do it


Sign up for Storebælt Fritid (free) and collect your voucher HERE


Load at least 4 people into your car


Drive to Storebælts broen and pay your bridge-trip from West to East (From DKK 240,00) 


Continue to BonBon-Land


Show your bridge ticket at the entrance to BonBon-Land


Buy (at least) 4 admission tickets at a special price of DKK 140 per person

(DKK 560)


You will receive a free bridge ticket, you can use on the way home. 

(DKK 0.00)


Please note that:

  • This offer is valid during the season 2016
  • you can also use brobizz and show this (with V mark) at our entrance
  • your bridge ticket must not be more than 7 days old
  • the total price of DKK 800 does not include fuel for the car
  • the example is based on a price of west-east bridge ticket  of DKK 240.
  • that all our Storebælt Offers only apply if you live west of Storebælt; health insurance card with address must be presented at the entrance.

We look forward to seeing you! And you can look forward to the many rides in our amusement park that offer plenty of activities for children and adults.